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Ladies and gentlemen of the DeviantART universe, I bid you a warm welcome to my gallery! :wave:

Inside, you're bound to find items from all walks of life, from perceptive poetical pieces, to photographic memories, to personal computer work (including skinning and soon 3D animation and video milestones) and more as I get ideas. :iconthinkplz:

Please feel free to leave any critical feedback or comments on my art and I will get back to you as soon as time permits me. Perhaps further down the line I may start writing commissions for you (mostly) wonderful folks. Please make yourself comfortable while on my page and allow me to say thank you for stopping by! Hope you enjoy your stay! :iconyesyesyesplz:

Honorary Class Deviations

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This is an ever-updating collection of art from other artists that I felt the absolute need to present. Over the 2 years and counting that I've been here, I've seen people go above and beyond with their work, be it poetry, drawings, portraits, fan art and what have you.

(Poetry and prose can be found inside the folder... Apparently slideshows are too good for written words. =p)

Sit back and enjoy this collection that I truly take great pleasure in sharing with you. Heck, leave them a comment or favourite yourself! :D

Living Pools - by MichelVictor

If one needs to take their mind off the world's worries, you definitely can't go wrong with this stunner: :nod:

(Click either one to view the full deviation)

Living Pools by MichelVictor Living Pools by MichelVictor

HCD - Poetry, Prose etc.

Since the slideshow thinks it's too good to display written works, I feel I have to take the initiative. =p

Below are all the works that didn't make it in the slideshow, so please, show them a bit of love as well! :love:

How to be a better writer!How to be a better writer, or
Even a better artist.
“Trust me”, I have experience,
I’ve been at it for years.
Let me give you a few simple guidelines,
Some that I myself go off of,
And I’ll pretend that my style,
Choice of words, will work for everyone else.
And let’s not forget to mention that
I am a premium member! A beta tester!
A senior member!
Till hell freezes over!
I must know what I’m talking about?
In all my greatness and glory!
I have the authority,
To tell others how to make their art better.
Let’s cut the bullshit here and now,
And ignore those people who tell us our style.
One person, so skilled and great,
With art that all tend to appreciate,
Does not have the right to lead ‘his’ flock,
To determine whose art is worthy or not.
You write one way I write another,
My thoughts are calm, while yours are loud as thunder.
She strokes left, but he’ll stroke right,
Her art his peaceful, but his depicts a fight.
A pencil i
Is that all?
A burst of
and all I get
is good?
Hours spent
making sure
everything flows
and all I get
is good?
Give me more
I need to know
what works
what to improve
what to change
what to try
Don't give me
Give me

WordsIt’s when I get my thoughts to rhyme
That I can truly start to see
What has been swirling in my mind,
And then I get to set it free.
A turmoil of chaotic calls
Becomes a desperate, pleading choir
Of thousands of tangled words
Awaiting me to help them thrive.
They cry, and weep, and beg like kids,
Won’t let me drown myself in sleep
Until I give them what they need –
A string of rhythm and sense to grip.
I strive and strive to make them speak
And give them a melodic vibe.
Yet their presence is too weak,
I'm losing hope that they'll survive.
But after stumbling time and time
Again to let them slip away
I start to hear their chime.
I start to see them find a way.
So one by one and step by step
I see them coming up to me.
They join to spin a magic web –
My soul’s true epitome.
And that’s the place they shall remain,
In subtle, fearless accord.
I never thought that I could tame
Such mischievous, capricious words.
So now I’m pacing back and forth
CryingBaby cries for the mommy
Boy cries for the attention
Teen cries for the confusion
Man cries for the reality
Senior cries for the regret
Deceased cries for the living
No matter who we are
Powerful or weak
Happy or depressed
Rich or poor
Popular or alone
We all weep together
One way or another

AutismLocked away in freezer
By my “refrigerator mother”
Was thought to have been
The cause of “it.”
At first, I was “normal,”
But my parents could tell something was off.
I couldn’t act or think nor progress
Like the other kids were doing.
The reason for this was
Found later but there is no cure for that.
I couldn’t read or write nor speak
Until I was thirteen but that was when
Everyone’s bodies were changing.
Ignorant of this,
I suffered “loneliness” with no
Idea how to feel.
I will now pretend that
My arms are wings,
Flapping then to a safe place
So far away—whether it’s for excitement
Or to get away from the noises,
I didn’t notice the reason why.
Flying away is so easy now
With my usual destination safe in mind,
I will be okay.
The skills for math and science
Come so naturally for me, so as
The art of drawing.
I never know what the words
“Solitary” and “outsider” meant
So I smiled
A Victim of CircumstanceWhen one is with friends and is asked, “Do you know any stories?” one usually has a particular tale prepared for such an occasion. This tale can act as an icebreaker, lead to good conversation, or simply garner a satisfied “Can you believe it?” reaction. This is one of those stories:
Paul Edwards, a man nearing his fortieth year, was still a bachelor. He was a barrister, and quite brilliant at his job. Flawless, even. In his entire career, he had not lost a single case. Impressive, no? Unfortunately, his unblemished record was to be tainted on the twenty-second of September, ninety-seven. Paul did not appear at the trial, an omission previously unheard of by his family and friends, because on the twenty-second of September, nineteen ninety-seven, at eight forty-seven in the morning, Paul Edwards was hit by a train.
So how did Mr Edwards QC come to such a quick, but nevertheless tragic end? He was not pushed or shoved or thrown or tripped. Instead, Mr Edwards

NumbFamily, everybody has one. Some people may have a small, close-knit family. Others may not even know theirs. Mine was large enough to run a circus. See, my mom was one of five sisters, and her mother was one of nine siblings. Yes, nine. Despite two of her brothers dying in WWII, the remaining six had between two to four children each. Including my mom and aunts, the grand total came to a whopping twenty-four. And they had children giving me a total cousin count of eighty-seven, a number that seems to grow by the year. And that’s just my mom’s side of the family. There are so many of us we have to have a family reunion every year just so we won’t forget whom everyone is.
Now, not all of them come to the reunion, but the crowd that does show up is still enough to start our own civilization, and certainly large enough to make my Great-Uncle John’s farm feel like the size of a tennis court. The event felt more like a festival than a family gathering. In fact, there
Dead RingerWhen they shook hands, the first things John noticed about Gregory Treb were his fingers. “Piano-playing fingers,” his old woman would have said. They were long and lean- the kind more suited to detail work than heavy lifting. It wasn't a trait John had expected in a bellfounder.
He was sure Mr. Treb would disagree with this idea- just like he disagreed with everything John had said.
“That bell is a masterpiece.” The man flung his arm toward the stone chapel behind them. “You have no idea how many days went into making it. And now you're demanding a replacement?”
John sighed. “As town foreman, it's my job to make sure everything is working like it should. It's a nice bell, sure- rings real pretty. But it's a weak one.”
Treb's frown deepened. “You ordered a bell for services. Something like that needs to be soothing and sweet. Especially here!” He looked askance at the structure, then at the graveyard stretching behind it.

The Worst Antagonist of Them AllI’m the maker of horrendously tragic starts
The molder of unfixable broken hearts
I’m the planner of twisting roads of pain
Where goals can never be obtained
I take pleasure in friendships torn in two
And rejoice as enemies begin to accrue
I’ve cursed the lands to suffer in anguish
The inhabitants of such will surely languish
I tear my loved ones limb by limb
Certainly, their lives were nothing but grim
I spill blood of the damned and innocent both
If only, for them, it wasn’t my oath
I evoke tears of anger, sorrow, and strife
As I claim yet another precious life
Betrayal, cunning, and wicked lies
In the end, that’s right, everyone dies!
I’m sure you’re all very curious
“Who’s this person, so injurious?”
“A murderer bent on taking revenge?
The thirst of which will never be quenched?”
“A wicked soul who’s lost their way?
Pulling down with it those who go astray?”
“An antisocial killer who liv
I writeTo escape this grim reality we call life
Into a world of my own creation
I cower in the dark recesses of my mind
And make way for my imagination
To run wild
To pretend I am something different
Not the broken person that I am
Happy, strong, controlling it
That's just how it is, I say it 'cause I can
Like a child
To be in control of something
Holding the world together
Because I'm tired of spiraling
I just want things to be how they were
Back when I smiled
To remember and hold on
The past is so precious, so dear to me
I can't bear that it's gone
I can pretend you're still here with me
But still, I know you died
To stop thinking
Because I'm just so tired
To stop the world from spinning
Just to rest for a little while
These are the reasons why...

Pen-PalFor 15 years I’ve been writing letters to Someone.
No, not just anyone, in fact…Someone, whose name I don’t know because my mother told me to write a letter to Someone the summer after my dad passed, so that’s exactly what I did. Dear Someone, I wrote, and I signed it sincerely, Me. In some ways, it was like writing a letter to Santa, but Santa’s replies were stock and bulk printed to apply to the typical general letter, and Someone’s replies changed each time. My mother photocopied all my letters before I sent them and collected them in a booklet as precious mementos. I collected my replies.
When I was 15, I asked my mom if she had been the one replying. Honestly, I said. I mean, who else would I be writing letters to? Someone, with no address. Yet somehow, the letter got places, and somehow one always returned with no address other than “Me.” I went through a phase of tests to get my mom to confess, a phase of disbelief, a phase
The Old Man and the StenchThis summer an acquaintance told me that an old man was looking for someone to help him write a book.
"He's an old university professor, and a bit quirky," he told me. "He'll only be around for a few months, because he needs to return to the university and he'll sell his apartment here, but until then he wants to get the book done."
So I decided to check out the job offer.
I met the old man at a bar. He wore a cowboy hat and a suit which made him look like someone who'd stumbled into town straight from the set of the Dallas series. I sat down with him and we started talking. Now, as I was speaking, my eyes wandered to his suit, where I happened to notice a green stain which seemed to be a grass stain. I averted my eyes to pretend it wasn't there, because who knew how the old man had gotten it - maybe he'd stumbled and fallen into the grass and now he was embarrassed about it.
Now, while averting my eyes, I saw other parts of his suit. A red stain, a yellow stain... Different colors, di

Don't fall in love with a poetDon’t fall in love with a poet
because we can find beauty in anything
and we won’t let it go;
I fell in love with a boy because I thought the crooked
line of his mouth was a mirror image of mine,
fell in love with him because his nails were square like
headstones and I wanted to bury myself in him.
Don’t fall in love with a poet
because we notice the minutiae in every face
and we orbit like strung out satellites;
I fell in love with a girl because when she cried her skin
blossomed like an over-ripe peach, and I wondered
if I would swallow the stone by accident when I kissed her.
Don’t fall in love with a poet
because we can’t let go of the quirks we collect.
we exist like mirrors, without an object we are a blank slate
and the one thing we can’t stand are blank spaces,
that’s why we fill pages with ink to cover the silence of
-our parents’ marriage, dissolving like salt in water, but still leaving a bitter taste acrid in your mouth;
SchizophreniaIt’s like
your mind is falling apart
into one thousand splinters.
And each splinter
becomes a single mind itself
thinking the thoughts
of one thousand thinkers.
Thoughts become incoherent,
causal chains become broken and messy;
There’s no rationality anymore
in thinking that’s supposed to be logical.
And the constant feeling
that the thoughts you have
aren’t even yours
are more than just confusing.
Disturbing is the perfect word
to describe the feeling
of your thoughts being stolen
or even be read by your surroundings.
Some say you’re crazy,
but that’s not true,
it’s just your brain
playing the games of insanity.
"Is this true what I see?
Is this real what I hear?
Is this reality
or is it just my insanity?”
That’s the questions
you’ve always in your mind.
But do you know
that it’s draining to live like that?
Turning into some kind of hyper-introvert
you avoid to socially interact,
holy solitude turns into cru

I am YouLife spoke to the void.
"Why do so many hate me? Yet they cling so tightly to my cloak."
Death spoke to the void.
"I am accursed and feared by so many. Yet they all come to me in the end."
Joy spoke to the void.
"I am pursued by all. Yet they find me so elusive."
Hope asked the void:
"Why am I both held so tightly and thrown so easily away?"
War spoke to the void.
"I am what they hate. Yet they cannot live without me."
Peace spoke to the void.
"I am sought by all. Yet they have never found me"
Innocence asked the void:
"Why am I both the first they have and the first they lose?"
Strife asked the void:
"Why am I the one that they hate to love? Yet they still do so love me."
Intellect said to the void:
"I lead them further toward salvation. Yet I also lead them toward destruction."
Madness asked the void:
"Why are those blessed by me the only ones to see the truth?"
Sanity asked the void:
"Why am I both the lense to see and the fog obscuring?"
Sleep said the the void:
"I am necessary to

Webcam... What Webcam?

Bring Back the Webcam by Owen-MarshBring Back the Webcam by Owen-MarshBring Back the Webcam by Owen-MarshBring Back the Webcam by Owen-MarshBring Back the Webcam by Owen-MarshBring Back the Webcam by Owen-MarshBring Back the Webcam by Owen-MarshBring Back the Webcam by Owen-MarshBring Back the Webcam by Owen-MarshBring Back the Webcam by Owen-MarshBring Back the Webcam by Owen-MarshBring Back the Webcam by Owen-MarshBring Back the Webcam by Owen-MarshBring Back the Webcam by Owen-MarshBring Back the Webcam by Owen-MarshBring Back the Webcam by Owen-MarshBring Back the Webcam by Owen-MarshBring Back the Webcam by Owen-MarshBring Back the Webcam by Owen-MarshBring Back the Webcam by Owen-MarshBring Back the Webcam by Owen-Marsh


The Didge Digest (26th July)

Sun Jul 26, 2015, 8:59 AM
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Complete silence...
  • Reading: Don't know now.
  • Watching: My screen.
  • Playing: No Terraria recently, went out.
  • Eating: Biscuits n' milk earlier.
  • Drinking: See above.

Copyright 2010 Journal Skin by Airamneleb

Good evening friends and strangers, ladies and gentlemen. Didge here with another delicious digest into the goings-on of his life.

Okay, so maybe that last part won't be entirely true, as I don't feel I'm one to gossip about anyone else, but I'm more than happy to share details into where I've been and what I've been doing since last time. On this particular agenda, I wish to talk about me and my feedback situation, expand upon my current adventures in Terraria, talk about poetry and finally, talk about university on what will be my second-last (hopefully) semester at La Trobe.

Now, I don't believe this entry should be as enormous as the previous one, but I still make no promises on brevity, so as always, please get yourself comfortable, grab yourselves some refreshments and kick back, as I spin you this new tale from my whimsical world to yours. I can only hope I keep you entertained, in the end.

Now, first on the discussion board, I have to come clean with regards to my feedback situation. About a few days after my holidays got started, I made a promise to the people whose artworks I favourited that I would send my thoughts over the course of my holidays... Ultimately I feel I failed to live up to that promise; laziness, new discoveries with games and other things has left each waking hour of mine devoted to their causes, rather than yours.

I'm not going to pretend otherwise. Since I started this feedback journey about a year ago, give or take, I've aimed to be timely with my thoughts, and for a while I was, but holidays are probably my own worst enemy when it comes to productivity. However, I aim to turn it around with the creation of a new Excel document, called "Feedback Tracker". For each week starting August 1st, I will comment on my favourites as often as I can each day, fully-fledged and fleshed-out feedback, as I've provided before.

This will tie in with my new schedule, as I'll allude to in a moment, but just know that every one of you will be seen to in due time.

Now, onto to the second item, my evolving adventures in Terraria. I'm not going to lie, at first I thought I had seen it all; explored the network of caverns and jungle, crafted some of THE BEST equipment to use, and killed more monsters than necessary to paint the world a bloody red.

I learned new tricks that monsters played to make my journey tougher than it already was, for better or worse, and died even more times in my desperate bid to grab equipment I'd lost already. I destroyed the evil Plantera, using an abandoned minecart track and tenacity.

In short, I thought Terraria had run its course... Oh, dear readers, but little did I know I would come face-to-face with... THE DUNGEON. No, scratch that, the post-Plantera DUNGEON. :fear:

After reading about it on the Terraria Wikia, I put two and two together and deduced that if the Ocean was on the far right side, the Dungeon would be on the far left, and so I travelled there. I met an old man, cursed with evil, that only I could purge, and after quickly dispatching Skeletron (I beat the Prime version before, this guy was nothing) I was set for a whole new adventure...

Plunging deeper and deeper into this dungeon, I found a slew of badass monsters to combat, including some that could slay my max-health character in just 3 shots. To name but a few...

- Heavy Paladins roaming the depths tossing deadly hammers at me.

- Skeleton Snipers laid in wait, ready to shoot a .50 cal bullet -through my armoured skull.

- A Bruce Lee skeleton with speed and fierce attacks, combined into a lethal monster.

- Necromancers and Casters who blacked out my sight, leaving me completely in the dark, to further add to my problems.

Needless to say, there were several times where I was literally seconds from death, and were it not for my beautiful Ice Mirror, I'd have probably looked at losing everything. While I did have decent equipment and mobility to fight on my terms, I knew that one slip-up meant certain death. Then I remembered I held some keys in storage to open up Dungeon chests... Grabbing them, I ventured back down, and the first thing I came across was a Corruption chest, and the first piece of loot in what would be a smorgasbord of legendary goodies... An Unpleasant Scourge of the Corruptor.

It was a javelin-like weapon that shot out tiny Eaters of Souls that homed in on my enemies, dealing some wicked damage from anywhere possible. Needless to say, it soon replaced a magical weapon I carried for ages.

Then as I killed more monsters I discovered the Kraken and Eye of Cthulhu, two pristine yo-yos that dealt extreme damage, and even more so with my Lucky Yoyo Bag. Open up a Hallowed chest and discover a Rainbow Gun, an infinitely-piercing weapon that could deal massive damage over time and control crowds more easily. The more I persisted, the more I was rewarded, and finally, I ended up with a destructive Sniper Rifle, which could fire explosive bullets... Soon, just about everything was fair-game.

The immense growth in power, naturally, led me to getting a little cocky and careless, and I nearly paid for it, believe me. But my extraordinary luck almost ran out when I came face-to-face with a Medusa, a creature I thought long beneath me. Come on, one shot with the Rifle and it'd be stone-dead! Get it, get it? ;p

Ugh, maybe you don't acknowledge that for a reason...that WAS terrible. Anyway, speaking of stone, it petrified me as I flew just over a small part of land. Now, being a stone statue and completely vulnerable was one thing, but when you add gravity into the mix, you're gonna have a bad time. Even with a fall that lasted less than half a second, I lost about 270 health then and there... From invincible to on the ropes in one well-timed sting.

In fact, it was exactly how I died not too long back while I tried to escape a slew of monsters in the Ice Caverns. Turned out that being Petrified caused you to lose your "Slow Fall" status and heavily amplified fall damage, meaning a lethal hit was likely. Makes sense I guess, but boy it still pissed me off then.

But I escaped, and soon I wanted to test my newfound power. Having already set up an "arena" and made a whole bunch of Mech Worms, I took one whole day to slay as many Destroyers as I could, 80,000 health bosses that were insanely large and, with the probes as backup, deadly.

I took care of EIGHT of them, in one single night. With my insanely powered equipment, I bulldozed through each of them in mere minutes, sometimes even seconds. Needless to say, I truly felt like a King then and there.

And to think, with the amount of events I still have left, aside from the Solar Eclipse, it's hardly even over. My word... will it ever end? =p

On a side note, for me at least it does feel awfully weird to just talk about Terraria at length, especially given I've spent more time on games like Borderlands 2, Dungeon Defenders, Skyrim (with MODS even) and everything else, but I honestly can't help it because it has been such a gratifying, amazing journey of a game. I'm really sorry if I sound like a shill at this point, but did I mention that all of that cost me a meagre $10 on Steam?

There's just no argument you can make any more... If you are/were a fan of Minecraft, then Terraria will make you feel like a fat kid at a Cadburys' convention. Or perhaps, for you American readers, er... Hershey's I guess? Yeah, someone please give me a better example, Hershey's are just plain garbage with regards to chocolate, and if my portly self knows anything, it's chocolate. ;)

Phew, with that enormous section drilled through (Terraria puns, God help me. ^^;) I can now move onto my poetry! About a day after my previous entry, I wrote for the five-year anniversary since my dogs' death (hard to believe it's been so long), and since then, I've been busy at home with a rare project of mine; the second of a series and probably 7th of its kind in the 3 years I've been on this site. It took me a couple of weeks of research, writing, punching up, and more, but in a matter of hours, my latest "Exhibit of the Exalted" will be going live on my profile.

It's been nearly eight months since I shared one, right on New Year's Day in fact, and hopefully, with my study of the "universal linguists" of the world, or as you might call them, musicians, I can give you an in-depth look at just a small sample of bands and artists from different genres, generations and styles the world over.

Finally, there's only the matter of university. Only recently I took a trip with my mum to grab my books for the new semester and pick out some new threads. Not exactly brand-name, expensive threads, just comfy, casual clothes I could change into. Jeans, plain shirts, whatever else that came into mind.

First of all I grabbed my books at the local campus store, and paid a rather low amount of $240 on two books, at least compared to previous years. One book I got second-hand, in good condition, for $40 cheaper, and last copy on shelf. Of course I'd snatch that up, now if it were $5 or $10 cheaper for example, I'd probably be indifferent about it. :shrug:

It's perhaps a wonderful thing that, in relation to my feedback struggles posted earlier, I only have two days on and five days off with regards to my schedule. One would imagine that should mean plenty of time to give my thoughts, at any rate. :nod:

Then cameth the clothes shopping, and that was when my mum's constant advising, nagging and sometimes snapping started to grate on me. Don't get me wrong, I love her for the values she has instilled in me and for everything she has done and continues to do for me on a daily basis, but as she pointed this out, that out and the other thing, and I grew more tired and annoyed, I couldn't help but get a bit short with her. She replied in kind (Trust me, she takes shit from NO-ONE), and things got heated. Not to anything serious mind you, but certainly to a degree.

That said, I grabbed plenty of jeans and shirts from the cheap stores (Target, Big W, Best n' Less etc.) for maybe under a hundred bucks, and then finally, we were heading home. Of course, not before some nice lunch and not until after a delicious dessert.

While it motivated me to perhaps consider shopping on my own (Perhaps out of spite since Mum thought I never would), I did have to hand it to her in some respects; she is without a doubt the savviest shopper in the family, and without her second pair of eyes, I probably never would've noticed those bargains.

And if you may think after all this I'm just some ridiculous hipster, then maybe you might be right, but I'd also like you to consider this... Regardless of which store you shop at, whether you'd pay $10 or $100 for a pair of jeans, whether you're after the annual upgrade to the iPhone or just happy with a low-end flip phone, I'm absolutely certain that we're all funding the literal blood, sweat and tears of each and every worker in sweatshops around the world.

Any business will want to make money and save on costs, and they'll spit on human rights to improve their bottom line. Even Apple and some of their foreign factories had been caught out installing safety protection nets to prevent suicide RATHER than improve work conditions, but that's perhaps the ruthless unwritten rule about business, especially if it hasn't been made illegal.

And honestly, why should it? I know, it'd seem amazingly hypocritical and cruel of me to defend these practices, but imagine yourself, for just a moment, living in the poorest regions of the country, as a Chinese, Indian or foreign citizen.

In that scenario, you're likely given one of two choices, just to survive on well below the bare minimum... Either take up a job at these shops where you might make a dollar an hour, get no breaks AT ALL, insane hours and strict bosses, or say, being forced to sell yourself into prostitution to make some money, if not tend to the fields and perform chores just so your family DOESN'T starve to death.

In the briefest of ways to put it, yes, sweatshops could be considered utterly awful, a truly loathsome violation of decent human rights... But to a desperate, starving member of a family, compared to what? I could make a safe bet that for each starving college student living on Ramen noodles and getting crushed by the pressures of student loan debt, there are at least 100 of these young kids who'd do anything to be in that position.

Good grief, I've turned this journal from a happy experience to some rambling and ranting about the injustices, and their justifications, of the world. AND to top it all off, it's just as bloody long as my previous entry! Apologies to all who expected a snack entry and got a friggin' three-course meal instead, but I didn't think I'd be writing this much. 2 and a half hours worth, in fact... :facepalm:

Perhaps once again, if you have stuck out here for this long, I personally commend you for the patience, grit and determination you must have to read this entire mountain of text. I thought I'd be a lot briefer this time around, but clearly, that wasn't the case.

Well regardless of all that, and of this entry's fate, I'd like to thank all of you who have stuck it out here for all this time. I do appreciate each one of you who come out here to check my works, be it poetry or otherwise, but for right now, my bed calls me. Peace and prosperity to all!

David Nicholas

My line-up for the next Verse ABC

Thu Jul 16, 2015, 7:48 AM
  • Mood: Satisfied
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  • Reading: Don't know now.
  • Watching: My screen.
  • Playing: Terraria recently...
  • Eating: Biscuits n' milk, the one-two combo of awesome.
  • Drinking: See above.

Copyright 2010 Journal Skin by Airamneleb

Good early morning to you all, fellow Deviants! If you've just tuned in, I now announce that I have big plans to write another Verse ABC, this time featuring a selection of musicians of different styles, genres, generations and more.

After a selection process that I can only describe as strange; trying to mix current popular artists with legacy artists, coming up with names of several well-known artists and much more besides, I've finally brought forth a line-up. They are, in alphabetical order (of course):
  1. AC/DC
  2. Big Sean
  3. Chuck Berry
  4. Drake
  5. Eminem
  6. Frank Sinatra
  7. Gorillaz
  8. Hilltop Hoods
  9. Iggy Azalea
  10. Justin Bieber
  11. Kanye West
  12. Little Richard
  13. Michael Jackson
  14. Naughty by Nature
  15. Ozzy Osbourne
  16. Pentatonix
  17. Queen
  18. Rolling Stones
  19. Stevie Wonder
  20. Tupac
  21. U-God
  22. Village People
  23. Weird Al Yankovic
  24. Xzibit
  25. YC
  26. ZZ Top
Let me know what you think (and yes, I'm more than aware I'll miss out on some of your favourites, or heck, just feature an artist you plain despise) in the comments below! Heck, if any popular or great artists come to mind that you think could have something worth writing about, either say so in the comments or send me a note, giving your reasons why. Bear in mind that although you know the line-up, you don't know what I've planned otherwise, so please give legitimate reasons.

Thank you folks, have a wonderful day, wherever you are! :wave:



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David Nicholas
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Welcome to my World... by AussieDidgeWelcome to my World... by AussieDidge

G'day everybody! I bid you a warm welcome, and say thanks for stopping by my page! :wave:

The name's David Nicholas, and aside from being a random hobbyist artist and occasional critic, I'm currently studying a double degree in Accounting and Economics at La Trobe University. Other than that, strike up a conversation with me and perhaps you might learn more.

I like to express my thoughts and opinions on just about anything; artworks, stamps or literature to name a few areas, so if you see your work under my recent folder "To Comment On Later", just know that your work stood out to me out of the thousands upon thousands of works I find in my deviations folder. I'll try my best to be as fair and honest as possible about your work, through consistent, constant improvement.

Thanks once again for stopping by my page and I wish you a wonderful day everybody. Peace! :wave:

Feedback Love by Luishi17 [Stamp] Gratitude by Creepiest


I'll be perfectly honest... I thought I DID have plenty of time during these holidays to get all my feedback done, but between the games, poetry and other things, I've just lost track of time. Apologies to all involved. ^^;
Wed Jul 22, 2015, 7:00 PM
Well unfortunately, in the wake of studying for exams and whatnot, I was unable to hand out feedback this week. I can promise though that I'll have plenty of time between 23rd June and 27th July, so everyone will be definitely seen by then. :)
Thu Jun 4, 2015, 4:55 AM
Well, it's that time of week again where I start handing out the feedback... All aboard!
Wed May 27, 2015, 6:22 PM
It's feedback time! :D
Wed May 20, 2015, 5:17 PM
Apologies that I wasn't able to provide feedback this week, as my internet was down and studies got in the way. I'll certainly try to come back next week, and especially be more active during the holidays. In the meantime, peace!
Thu May 14, 2015, 5:17 AM
The feedback train is leaving the station! And I think it has to do double duty... =p
Wed May 6, 2015, 8:18 PM
All systems green light! The feedback train is leaving the station!
Wed Apr 22, 2015, 5:44 PM
Feedback Central systems are online! Let's get to work...
Wed Apr 15, 2015, 4:58 PM
Oh, for all those sending in favourites, just like to send a quick thank you to each and every one of you, but I'm afraid I have no time to thank you personally. I do appreciate the love though!
Mon Apr 13, 2015, 6:58 AM
It's Thursday! All aboard the feedback train! :)
Wed Apr 8, 2015, 5:53 PM
I don't know, but I daresay it wasn't human... :o
Fri Dec 6, 2013, 12:37 AM
:nuu: what have I done!
Thu Dec 5, 2013, 10:38 PM
:stinkeye: Oh god, I think those fumes were acidic... :faint:
Fri Aug 9, 2013, 8:12 AM
:fart: Just balancing the fumes!
Fri Aug 9, 2013, 4:58 AM


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TheSkull31 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, AussieDidge. It's been a while since we talked. How is life treating you as of late?
AussieDidge Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey Skull, good to hear from ya. Yeah, it's been a while...

Life's been okay for the most part, although it has felt repetitive and somewhat boring as of late. I got studies for finals coming up over the next couple of weeks, and then I have a month off. Taking less subjects en route to graduation... The journey's almost complete. :nod:

Getting back into Skyrim again, with some extra mods added... It's been a blast so far on the computer... and the graphics are just excellent. :)

Anyway, how's life been for you, lately? :)
TheSkull31 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I recently got hired by McDonald's as a lobby cleaner. It's my first job ever, and all I have to do at this job is sweep and mop the floors, wipe the tables and chairs, wipe the counters, check to see if the bathrooms are clean, and clean the bathrooms if the bathrooms aren't clean. However, I'm only going to be working the job part time because I get a check from the government that helps pay for me to stay in the group home that I live in.
AussieDidge Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
That's encouraging to hear, and it'll certainly keep you out of mischief if nothing else. ;)

Sounds pretty menial, but honestly, what job wouldn't be? Though I'm yet to find out since I'm still studying and probably won't graduate till I'm 24, at the earliest. That's assuming the poetry and writing doesn't work out, and I don't expect it to.

At any rate, good to know things are working out nicely and we'll catch up soon. Peace. :wave:
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Isfyx Featured By Owner May 28, 2015  Professional Photographer
THANKS FOR LLAMA!!! :headbang:

AussieDidge Featured By Owner May 28, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
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Isfyx Featured By Owner May 28, 2015  Professional Photographer
THANKS! :headbang:
TegzyPuff97 Featured By Owner May 28, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
I notice that we both read one of the same Poet's works. I'm also in Australia, g'day mate!

Really just a random drop by to be honest. Hi!
AussieDidge Featured By Owner May 28, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Which one, Banjo Paterson or Henry Lawson? Both poets are considered among our best writers and for good reason. I think my dad's got the entire collection of Banjo's works on a shelf somewhere... may have to check it out. :nod:

Just curious is all... And of course, g'day mate and welcome to my page! Hope you enjoy your stay there. :) :wave:
TegzyPuff97 Featured By Owner May 28, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
No, I meant on DA, Amateur-Poet. I'm kinda stalking through his collection of works and I notice you've made comments and critiques on most of them.

Do you mind me asking which state you live in? I'm in SA.
AussieDidge Featured By Owner May 28, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh of course, how silly of me. =p

Yeah, he has got a collection of really good pieces that I've had the pleasure to read, and I hope I can continue with that later down the line.

I'm essentially your next-door neighbour, for lack of a better term... Happen to live in Victoria. :nod:
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SiwySzczur Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2015
Nice gallery:)
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Thanks man, much appreciated! :)
SiwySzczur Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2015
No problem, I like good art:) I invite you to my gallery:)If you like my work, watch me :)
AussieDidge Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Cool, and we'll see. Normally I'm pretty busy with studies, feedback and other things but, we'll see. :nod:
ihsans-Art Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2015  Professional General Artist
Thank you very much for the fave.. :)

I appreciate it very much my friend.. :nod:
AussieDidge Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
My pleasure, and please, expect a comment/critique from me as soon as possible. Until then, have a good night!

(Or morning, I don't know with these timezones anymore... =p)
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Thanks <3
AussieDidge Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome! But please help me out, was it for a favourite or a llama or something? I've been kinda lost since I got into giving feedback today, and need to get back on track. =p
WiccanWT Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
lol sorry ^^ Im trying to catch up on all my messages too, I think it was for both =p Ive got like 200 messages to go through still. I am trying to get back into the groove of DA and my photography ^^ The motivation is there, but then I see shinies and get distracted! xD
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No worries, and not to worry Wiccan, I came across the piece again while sifting through my folder and added it to my priority list. Didn't see any llamas or anything else, but I may check again later.

Is that 200 FEEDBACK messages? Good grief you must be busy... :wow:

*sigh* Damned shinies, why can't they just stop shining for once... :shakefist:
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AussieDidge Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Actually, please disregard this message. I just found it under my favourites gallery. You're very welcome and I expect I'll be giving you my comment/critique as soon as possible. :)
TixieLix Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the fave on my Street Fighter work!
AussieDidge Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome, and expect a comment/critique from me as soon as possible. :)
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