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Ladies and gentlemen of the DeviantART universe, I bid you a warm welcome to my gallery! :wave:

Inside, you're bound to find items from all walks of life, from perceptive poetical pieces, to photographic memories, to personal computer work (including skinning and soon 3D animation and video milestones) and more as I get ideas. :iconthinkplz:

Please feel free to leave any critical feedback or comments on my art and I will get back to you as soon as time permits me. Perhaps further down the line I may start writing commissions for you (mostly) wonderful folks. Please make yourself comfortable while on my page and allow me to say thank you for stopping by! Hope you enjoy your stay! :iconyesyesyesplz:

Honorary Class Deviations

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This is an ever-updating collection of art from other artists that I felt the absolute need to present. Over the 2 years and counting that I've been here, I've seen people go above and beyond with their work, be it poetry, drawings, portraits, fan art and what have you.

(Poetry and prose can be found inside the folder... Apparently slideshows are too good for written words. =p)

Sit back and enjoy this collection that I truly take pride in sharing with you. Heck, leave them a comment or favourite yourself! :D

Living Pools - by MichelVictor

If one needs to take their mind off the world's worries, you definitely can't go wrong with this stunner: :nod:

(Click either one to view the full deviation)

Living Pools by MichelVictor Living Pools by MichelVictor

HCD - Poetry, Prose etc.

Since the slideshow thinks it's too good to display written works, I feel I have to take the initiative. =p

Below are all the works that didn't make it in the slideshow, so please, show them a bit of love as well! :love:

How to be a better writer!How to be a better writer, or
Even a better artist.
“Trust me”, I have experience,
I’ve been at it for years.
Let me give you a few simple guidelines,
Some that I myself go off of,
And I’ll pretend that my style,
Choice of words, will work for everyone else.
And let’s not forget to mention that
I am a premium member! A beta tester!
A senior member!
Till hell freezes over!
I must know what I’m talking about?
In all my greatness and glory!
I have the authority,
To tell others how to make their art better.
Let’s cut the bullshit here and now,
And ignore those people who tell us our style.
One person, so skilled and great,
With art that all tend to appreciate,
Does not have the right to lead ‘his’ flock,
To determine whose art is worthy or not.
You write one way I write another,
My thoughts are calm, while yours are loud as thunder.
She strokes left, but he’ll stroke right,
Her art his peaceful, but his depicts a fight.
A pencil i
Is that all?
A burst of
and all I get
is good?
Hours spent
making sure
everything flows
and all I get
is good?
Give me more
I need to know
what works
what to improve
what to change
what to try
Don't give me
Give me

Beware Of The Bad BoySo he touches you in all of the right places
But with a clenched fist and not a gentle hand
By ‘right places’ I mean those easily hidden
By the latest expensive designer brand
Which he buys you to either keep your silence
Or to beg and to plead for your forgiveness
Is this where the attraction of a bad boy lies?
Please explain where is the excitement in this?
So he kisses you with a so-called passion
His hands round your neck steal a two letter word
It seems that he cannot feel satisfaction
Unless you show him signs that his dominance hurts
Which he tightens each time to keep your silence
Or maybe he just enjoys hearing you moan
Is this the deed of some stalker, some stranger?
No, this is your husband and this is your home
So he lays you out on the living room floor
I wonder what will fall down to the carpet first
The drops of blood from between your legs
Or the tears flowing between his regretful words
Which he whispers in your ear as you lay silent
It’s safe to say
WordsIt’s when I get my thoughts to rhyme
That I can truly start to see
What has been swirling in my mind,
And then I get to set it free.
A turmoil of chaotic calls
Becomes a desperate, pleading choir
Of thousands of tangled words
Awaiting me to help them thrive.
They cry, and weep, and beg like kids,
Won’t let me drown myself in sleep
Until I give them what they need –
A string of rhythm and sense to grip.
I strive and strive to make them speak
And give them a melodic vibe.
Yet their presence is too weak,
I'm losing hope that they'll survive.
But after stumbling time and time
Again to let them slip away
I start to hear their chime.
I start to see them find a way.
So one by one and step by step
I see them coming up to me.
They join to spin a magic web –
My soul’s true epitome.
And that’s the place they shall remain,
In subtle, fearless accord.
I never thought that I could tame
Such mischievous, capricious words.
So now I’m pacing back and forth

CryingBaby cries for the mommy
Boy cries for the attention
Teen cries for the confusion
Man cries for the reality
Senior cries for the regret
Deceased cries for the living
No matter who we are
Powerful or weak
Happy or depressed
Rich or poor
Popular or alone
We all weep together
One way or another
AutismLocked away in freezer
By my “refrigerator mother”
Was thought to have been
The cause of “it.”
At first, I was “normal,”
But my parents could tell something was off.
I couldn’t act or think nor progress
Like the other kids were doing.
The reason for this was
Found later but there is no cure for that.
I couldn’t read or write nor speak
Until I was thirteen but that was when
Everyone’s bodies were changing.
Ignorant of this,
I suffered “loneliness” with no
Idea how to feel.
I will now pretend that
My arms are wings,
Flapping then to a safe place
So far away—whether it’s for excitement
Or to get away from the noises,
I didn’t notice the reason why.
Flying away is so easy now
With my usual destination safe in mind,
I will be okay.
The skills for math and science
Come so naturally for me, so as
The art of drawing.
I never know what the words
“Solitary” and “outsider” meant
So I smiled



My DeviantART Story

Fri Aug 8, 2014, 5:06 AM
  • Mood: Thrilled
  • Listening to: Nothing yet...
  • Reading: No idea, but will.
  • Watching: My screen.
  • Playing: Gemcraft: Labyrinth earlier
  • Eating: Had steak sandwiches earlier... Delish!
  • Drinking: Polished off some Coke...

Copyright 2010 Journal Skin by Airamneleb

Good lord... Fourteen years has already passed since DeviantART's birth? I would've been only eight when this site first made its presence known, and to witness how much it has grown since that time, with 100s of millions of pieces published and several careers launched... It fascinates and inspires me to keep delivering for your amusement.

But enough of my toast... Good evening all, my name's David Nicholas, call me AussieDidge, and this is my DeviantART story.

To sum up in a few words what the past twenty-six months have been like on this site, I'd say it's been one helluva ride with experimenting, friendship, occasional tiffs, and an ever-widening appreciation for artwork of all different forms from millions of different people.

Through sites like this, and the talents of so many, I discovered so many different takes on art forms such as cosplay, sculpting, animation, painting, poetry and what have you, To see first-hand the opinions, skills and expressions of so many has truly opened my mind to new possibilities, which I can only hope to take on soon enough.

Rewinding the clock back to mid-2012, when I was halfway through my first year at university, I tried hard to fit into a niche with many random works including, without question, an extremely shitty portrait of myself. =p

There was nothing left untouched; I created Photoshop patterns (which were received really well) and pauses for thought, modified skins for The Sims 2, various forms of poetry, and so much more... Perhaps to little avail. :shrug:

Speaking of which, allow me to present some of my favourites:

Me, Myself and I (a characterisation...) by AussieDidge
First, a bit of schadenfreude on my behalf; feel free to laugh at my expense. :rofl: My very first piece, a "portrait" of myself, and the absolute proof I needed that I'd make a better writer (or anything else for that matter). :iconleleleplz:

Kara Zor-El, Sims 2 Style... by AussieDidgeBlack Kryptonite Supergirl, Sims 2 Style by AussieDidge
I've taken a lot of pride in my modified skins, and these two are my personal favourites. With a bunch of new patterns, brushes, and downloadable tools on my side, I got to work creating double vision with Kara Zor-El's good and evil sides. Works like these motivated me to continue playing around with Photoshop, a wonderful program with a lot of potential.

UFFs - The Trillion-Dollar Question by AussieDidge
Primitive? Yes, absolutely. But there are certain nuggets of knowledge that have totally blown my mind, and I feel that once I get into the animation and videography aspect of art, I'll be presenting a much better graphic soon enough. :nod:

Photoshop Fabrics Collection - A to F by AussieDidgeHemp Silk Satin Pattern Collection (FIXED) by AussieDidgePinstripe Patterns Collection by AussieDidge

Just a sample of my Photoshop patterns from a long ways back (Saving images and defining them as patterns was a doozy!) Definitely among my best-received work, if not for style at least absolutely for being practical. I know many people who've used these FREE patterns to help them out... Perhaps you've got something in mind too? :eager:

AAA - Flattop Trek, A Rainbow Garden by AussieDidgeAAA - Chilled Out by AussieDidgeAAA - Bridge of Chester Creek by AussieDidge

Almost one year ago, I took on the trip of a lifetime to continue my studies, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Alaska represented many things for me; looking after myself, exploring out of my comfort zone, forming friendships and essentially, becoming a man. A small sample of my trip, and my growing love for photography. :love:

Idyllic Island... by AussieDidgeAnother Look at Melbourne... by AussieDidgeThanks for Coming... by AussieDidge

Same deal, just right here at home, in the Land Down Under.

A Tribute to Tony ThomasA Tribute to Tony Thomas, by David Nicholas
As splendid a person as one will ever meet
Barmy and bonzer, he’s a package complete
Consider his life story and the man he’s become
Dealt a harsh fate since birth, and then some
Early in childhood he lost the family dream
Forced into a youth home, through trials extreme
Gone through hell, drifting in the breeze
Hard drink and no work kept him on his knees
In retrospect, life’s cruelty made him strong
Judged from that day to make right from wrong
Knuckled down hard and really gave it a slog
Life turned ‘round quick when he quit the grog
Married and blessed with kids, lifelong career in hand
No rock star clearly, but damn that story’s grand
Often you hear me poeticise people to revere
Papa’s one of them, this old man I hold dear
Quirky as they come, with queer sense of humour
Rich with knowledge, this bright baby boomer
Sincere stories to share, if you can lend an ear
This from a man who strived throu
A Short Story Through Limericks...I'm having an art block, you see,
An unpleasant feeling, oh definitely,
So what to do,
but sit and stew,
While hoping my mind comes back to me.
There's been plenty of comment-bombs,
With helpings of reckless aplomb,
But my brain begins fading,
Talk about degrading,
Do I have to scream out for Mom?
I've had several sleepless nights,
Despite turning out the lights,
My mind is awake,
Oh, for fuck's sake!
What must I do to sleep right?
I walk around feeling half-dead,
Sluggish and slow, eyes bright red,
Forget all your doubts,
For I am about,
Ready to find myself a better bed!
So that was my story to tell,
I hope you enjoyed my personal hell,
Another deviation,
Of my own creation,
I wish you Godspeed, and farewell...
The ABCs of Reality TV Amazing Race, the grand journey ‘round Planet Earth,
Where contestants proved their mettle and worth
Spanning countries, land masses & thousands of miles,
With a million-dollar prize making it worthwhile.
Beauty & The Geek, this is no Disney classic,
In truth the premise can be rather tragic
Brainless beauties paired with the awkwardly astute
To compete and win; as losers got the boot.
Celebrity Splash, such a steaming pile of drivel,
Be warned from here, your brain cells will shrivel
The program was literally celebs taking the dive
Further into obscurity anyway, as this didn’t thrive.
Dancing with the Stars, well I do beg your pardon
Shall we tango, waltz, and samba into stardom?
If that doesn’t make sense, then you have my assertion
That you’re actually a rational & normal person!
Eurovision, the annual global singing contest,
Where people sang with such incredible zest
Celine Dion & ABBA are considered musical pioneers
But it was right here where they
The ABCs of Supers Andromeda, some folks call her Laurel Gand,
A Legionaire with the heart to take a stand
With unique fashion sense and powers of a god,
She ensured villains couldn’t run roughshod.
Batman, come on, who doesn’t know this guy?
This most disciplined and well-trained private eye
With peak physical prowess; and laundry list of skills,
His adventures made our hearts stand still.
Captain Marvel, let me give it to you straight,
His powers exceed our dreams, allow me to illuminate
Wisdom of Soloman, power of Zeus and speed of Mercury,
The stamina of Atlas, courage of Achilles, and strength of Hercules.
Deadpool, the mercenary with such incredible gall,
Is a frequent violator of the sacred fourth wall
With martial arts, swords, guns, and a sack of gags,
He would belittle his foes and brand them punching bags.
Elastigirl, equal parts super woman and model mum,
With acumen above all, kicked ass and then some
Able to reshape her body, take charge, and fly planes
She succeeded in
Depression...Depression, by David Nicholas…
“I’m fine,” the grieved yells
Feigned smile hides a world of angst
Dark thoughts have surfaced
Empty and soulless
Physically and mentally
Life grows bleak and cold
So ask this question
Come the ninth month or sometime
“Are you okay, friend?” :hug:
Time...Time, by David Nicholas...
What a strange concept
Saved, spent, wasted and waited
Taken for granted
It waits for no-one
Slows for one, sprints quick for some
As both friend and foe
The clock shall rush forward
As hours, days and years pass
Life ends; starts anew

To Succeed Or To Fail...To Succeed Or To Fail, by David Nicholas...
Goes hand in hand with success
Only fools would pass
But then we fail once
Self-doubt, self-hate and regret
Plagues mind and body
You succeed once more
Blood, sweat and tears left behind
But hard work paid well
Failing gripped you twice
Self-doubt replaced by growing
Life uncertainty
The struggles give way
To one who fights for success
Be proud of that fact
Support’s always there
If you persist in failing
People have your back
Rising to your peak
Proves your will, desire and urge
To leave prints on Earth
And if you cannot
Win; just have the attitude
To keep persisting
When all’s said and done
To win or lose is simply
Human adventure
SleepSleep, by David Nicholas...
Man’s end to tough days
Yet for those dead or at peace
Eternal slumber
We sleep; pictures form
A thousand random thoughts
Play like old film reels
These lucid, wacky
Dreams possess our minds and hearts
… Or corrupt nightmares
That said, naps don’t fail
To keep us ready and primed
Take them when you can
You’ve earned this respite
‘Till dawn rises again, so
Good night and sweet dreams!

In Memoriam of My MotherIn Memoriam of My Mother, by David Nicholas
All gather round and I’ll give you some ideas
‘Bout a fiery, buxom maid God named Maria
Cooks with great gusto, to produce real gems
Dare I say it, she’s the chef’s crème de la crème
Eager with advice more useful than tarot
Forever makes sure we’re on the straight and narrow
Goes through hell to help, to keep us all smiles
Has a knack for bargaining, and thrifty styles
I truly am thankful to have her be my guide
Judicious and just, she took discipline in stride
Keenly dealt inspired ways to keep me in line
Loved spoiling me too; she struck a balance fine
Made sure she helped me control my attitude
No words will ever express my sheer gratitude
Only saints could be so resolved and serene
Perhaps she’s a woman who’s few and far between
Quite heavy though my praise is, I’ll never deny
Rarely times pass where we don’t see eye-to-eye
Stubborn and steadfast, she insists on be
Social Networking... Social networking
Facebook, Myspace and Twitter
Are they worth my time?
There's no denying
The absolute potential
Of those sites above.
But lately I've felt,
Why am I wasting my time
With Facebook's bullshit?
My typical week
Regarding status updates
Goes something like this:
Like if you do this!
Selfies, YOLO, and of course,
Four Pictures, One Word.
And let's not forget,
Being endlessly harassed by
Stranger's game requests.
Worthless hate pages,
Litter Facebook's dark corners,
They don't achieve shit.
Don't get me wrong, folks
My friends and loved family
Use that site as well.
I'm done complaining
Let's move onto the next two
Myspace and Twitter.
Once popular, now,
An irrelevant relic,
Myspace to a tee.
Many years ago,
I had a Myspace account
It was great back then.
But things changed for worse
Hundreds of damn game requests
Littered my mailbox.
I kept helping out
But the addiction grew strong
'Til I quit for good.
Thinking to back then,
With the power of hind-sight
Wouldn't to

My grandfather had a passion for poetry before he passed away, and eventually because of my love of words I took on that same passion as well. Forgive me for the large sample but I firmly believe I'm destined to become a writer eventually. Maybe not the next two years, or even twenty years, but I simply love writing too much to let it go. Hopefully you enjoy these, and if you do, I've got a whole folder dedicated to them. :D

Finally, and my deepest thanks if you stuck around for so long, I vowed to fill a void when I noticed a glaring lack of feedback and general engagement on the artworks I came to love.

I loved being honest with people, loved expressing my thoughts on their work and most definitely, loved hearing their replies and getting into conversations with talented artists. Sure, I had occasional arguments with certain folks, but that also helped me grow and develop really well from a social aspect.

At the end of the day, I have learned so much, and opened my mind to entire new worlds in little over two years, and I hope that I'll be here when DA's 20th anniversary comes rolling around. Thanks to all of you for making my stay so wonderful, and thank you to the staff and crew of DA for just doing your thing. Here's to many more years of art and application!:cheers: 

With love and respect,
David Nicholas (AussieDidge)

Here's the deal with commentiques...

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 24, 2014, 4:13 AM
  • Mood: Content
  • Listening to: Some music...
  • Reading: No idea, but will.
  • Watching: My screen.
  • Playing: Played RS earlier...
  • Eating: An egg, ham and onion dish, with toast... Mmmm!
  • Drinking: Had a Sprite earlier...

Okay, so a small bit of refining for my commentiques:

I'll only include a star rating when either asked for one or it shows up on the main deviation page. It's just that I don't really care for judging vision, technique, originality and impact when a general rating sums all those up rather nicely.

That's that for this entry, so peace. :)

ADDENDUM: If you take the time to say thanks for the favourite, then I'll be sure to make your work a priority to comment on. :nod:

CSS by lockjavv Dragon by kerembeyit


AussieDidge's Profile Picture
David Nicholas
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
G'day everybody! I bid you a warm welcome, and say thanks for stopping by my page!

The name's David Nicholas, and aside from being a random hobbyist artist, occasional critic and devious comment-bomber, I'm currently studying a double degree in Accounting and Economics at La Trobe University. Other than that, strike up a conversation with me and perhaps you might learn more. Recently I spent four-and-a-half months studying overseas at the University of Anchorage on a scholarship (one of the largest my university had to offer), a true privilege that I appreciate every single day since I returned to Australia three weeks ago.

I also like to express my thoughts and opinions on just about anything, but the only way you'll find that out is by striking up a conversation with me, so please, feel free to do so in the comments below. I've also have occasional polls on hand to provide a bit of fun and provoke some thoughts from this creative community I call home.

Thanks once again for stopping by my page and I wish you a wonderful day everybody. Peace! :wave:

New poll time: If someone provided honest feedback on your work, how often would you provide similar feedback on their work? I'd love to hear opinions. Be as honest as possible please! :) 

4 deviants said Most of the time. I'm happy to check genres, but the skill of the artist influences whether I provide feedback. :nod:
4 deviants said Sometimes. I provide feedback on what really grabs my interest, and that's about it. :shrug:
2 deviants said All the time! As a community, artists of all genres and skill deserve helpful feedback as often as possible. :D
2 deviants said Rarely. I barely have the time or even the words to provide meaningful comments. :p
No deviants said Never. It's about impossible for me for a number of reasons. :(


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