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Ladies and gentlemen of the DeviantART universe, I bid you a warm welcome to my gallery! :wave:

Inside, you're bound to find items from all walks of life, from perceptive poetical pieces, to photographic memories, to personal computer work (including skinning and soon 3D animation and video milestones) and more as I get ideas. :iconthinkplz:

Please feel free to leave any critical feedback or comments on my art and I will get back to you as soon as time permits me. Perhaps further down the line I may start writing commissions for you (mostly) wonderful folks. Please make yourself comfortable while on my page and allow me to say thank you for stopping by! Hope you enjoy your stay! :iconyesyesyesplz:

Honorary Class Deviations

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This is an ever-updating collection of art from other artists that I felt the absolute need to present. Over the 2 years and counting that I've been here, I've seen people go above and beyond with their work, be it poetry, drawings, portraits, fan art and what have you.

(Poetry and prose can be found inside the folder... Apparently slideshows are too good for written words. =p)

Sit back and enjoy this collection that I truly take great pleasure in sharing with you. Heck, leave them a comment or favourite yourself! :D

Living Pools - by MichelVictor

If one needs to take their mind off the world's worries, you definitely can't go wrong with this stunner: :nod:

(Click either one to view the full deviation)

Living Pools by MichelVictor Living Pools by MichelVictor

HCD - Poetry, Prose etc.

Since the slideshow thinks it's too good to display written works, I feel I have to take the initiative. =p

Below are all the works that didn't make it in the slideshow, so please, show them a bit of love as well! :love:

How to be a better writer!How to be a better writer, or
Even a better artist.
“Trust me”, I have experience,
I’ve been at it for years.
Let me give you a few simple guidelines,
Some that I myself go off of,
And I’ll pretend that my style,
Choice of words, will work for everyone else.
And let’s not forget to mention that
I am a premium member! A beta tester!
A senior member!
Till hell freezes over!
I must know what I’m talking about?
In all my greatness and glory!
I have the authority,
To tell others how to make their art better.
Let’s cut the bullshit here and now,
And ignore those people who tell us our style.
One person, so skilled and great,
With art that all tend to appreciate,
Does not have the right to lead ‘his’ flock,
To determine whose art is worthy or not.
You write one way I write another,
My thoughts are calm, while yours are loud as thunder.
She strokes left, but he’ll stroke right,
Her art his peaceful, but his depicts a fight.
A pencil i
Is that all?
A burst of
and all I get
is good?
Hours spent
making sure
everything flows
and all I get
is good?
Give me more
I need to know
what works
what to improve
what to change
what to try
Don't give me
Give me

WordsIt’s when I get my thoughts to rhyme
That I can truly start to see
What has been swirling in my mind,
And then I get to set it free.
A turmoil of chaotic calls
Becomes a desperate, pleading choir
Of thousands of tangled words
Awaiting me to help them thrive.
They cry, and weep, and beg like kids,
Won’t let me drown myself in sleep
Until I give them what they need –
A string of rhythm and sense to grip.
I strive and strive to make them speak
And give them a melodic vibe.
Yet their presence is too weak,
I'm losing hope that they'll survive.
But after stumbling time and time
Again to let them slip away
I start to hear their chime.
I start to see them find a way.
So one by one and step by step
I see them coming up to me.
They join to spin a magic web –
My soul’s true epitome.
And that’s the place they shall remain,
In subtle, fearless accord.
I never thought that I could tame
Such mischievous, capricious words.
So now I’m pacing back and forth
CryingBaby cries for the mommy
Boy cries for the attention
Teen cries for the confusion
Man cries for the reality
Senior cries for the regret
Deceased cries for the living
No matter who we are
Powerful or weak
Happy or depressed
Rich or poor
Popular or alone
We all weep together
One way or another

AutismLocked away in freezer
By my “refrigerator mother”
Was thought to have been
The cause of “it.”
At first, I was “normal,”
But my parents could tell something was off.
I couldn’t act or think nor progress
Like the other kids were doing.
The reason for this was
Found later but there is no cure for that.
I couldn’t read or write nor speak
Until I was thirteen but that was when
Everyone’s bodies were changing.
Ignorant of this,
I suffered “loneliness” with no
Idea how to feel.
I will now pretend that
My arms are wings,
Flapping then to a safe place
So far away—whether it’s for excitement
Or to get away from the noises,
I didn’t notice the reason why.
Flying away is so easy now
With my usual destination safe in mind,
I will be okay.
The skills for math and science
Come so naturally for me, so as
The art of drawing.
I never know what the words
“Solitary” and “outsider” meant
So I smiled
A Victim of CircumstanceWhen one is with friends and is asked, “Do you know any stories?” one usually has a particular tale prepared for such an occasion. This tale can act as an icebreaker, lead to good conversation, or simply garner a satisfied “Can you believe it?” reaction. This is one of those stories:
Paul Edwards, a man nearing his fortieth year, was still a bachelor. He was a barrister, and quite brilliant at his job. Flawless, even. In his entire career, he had not lost a single case. Impressive, no? Unfortunately, his unblemished record was to be tainted on the twenty-second of September, ninety-seven. Paul did not appear at the trial, an omission previously unheard of by his family and friends, because on the twenty-second of September, nineteen ninety-seven, at eight forty-seven in the morning, Paul Edwards was hit by a train.
So how did Mr Edwards QC come to such a quick, but nevertheless tragic end? He was not pushed or shoved or thrown or tripped. Instead, Mr Edwards

NumbFamily, everybody has one. Some people may have a small, close-knit family. Others may not even know theirs. Mine was large enough to run a circus. See, my mom was one of five sisters, and her mother was one of nine siblings. Yes, nine. Despite two of her brothers dying in WWII, the remaining six had between two to four children each. Including my mom and aunts, the grand total came to a whopping twenty-four. And they had children giving me a total cousin count of eighty-seven, a number that seems to grow by the year. And that’s just my mom’s side of the family. There are so many of us we have to have a family reunion every year just so we won’t forget whom everyone is.
Now, not all of them come to the reunion, but the crowd that does show up is still enough to start our own civilization, and certainly large enough to make my Great-Uncle John’s farm feel like the size of a tennis court. The event felt more like a festival than a family gathering. In fact, there
Dead RingerWhen they shook hands, the first things John noticed about Gregory Treb were his fingers. “Piano-playing fingers,” his old woman would have said. They were long and lean- the kind more suited to detail work than heavy lifting. It wasn't a trait John had expected in a bellfounder.
He was sure Mr. Treb would disagree with this idea- just like he disagreed with everything John had said.
“That bell is a masterpiece.” The man flung his arm toward the stone chapel behind them. “You have no idea how many days went into making it. And now you're demanding a replacement?”
John sighed. “As town foreman, it's my job to make sure everything is working like it should. It's a nice bell, sure- rings real pretty. But it's a weak one.”
Treb's frown deepened. “You ordered a bell for services. Something like that needs to be soothing and sweet. Especially here!” He looked askance at the structure, then at the graveyard stretching behind it.

The Worst Antagonist of Them AllI’m the maker of horrendously tragic starts
The molder of unfixable broken hearts
I’m the planner of twisting roads of pain
Where goals can never be obtained
I take pleasure in friendships torn in two
And rejoice as enemies begin to accrue
I’ve cursed the lands to suffer in anguish
The inhabitants of such will surely languish
I tear my loved ones limb by limb
Certainly, their lives were nothing but grim
I spill blood of the damned and innocent both
If only, for them, it wasn’t my oath
I evoke tears of anger, sorrow, and strife
As I claim yet another precious life
Betrayal, cunning, and wicked lies
In the end, that’s right, everyone dies!
I’m sure you’re all very curious
“Who’s this person, so injurious?”
“A murderer bent on taking revenge?
The thirst of which will never be quenched?”
“A wicked soul who’s lost their way?
Pulling down with it those who go astray?”
“An antisocial killer who liv
I writeTo escape this grim reality we call life
Into a world of my own creation
I cower in the dark recesses of my mind
And make way for my imagination
To run wild
To pretend I am something different
Not the broken person that I am
Happy, strong, controlling it
That's just how it is, I say it 'cause I can
Like a child
To be in control of something
Holding the world together
Because I'm tired of spiraling
I just want things to be how they were
Back when I smiled
To remember and hold on
The past is so precious, so dear to me
I can't bear that it's gone
I can pretend you're still here with me
But still, I know you died
To stop thinking
Because I'm just so tired
To stop the world from spinning
Just to rest for a little while
These are the reasons why...

Pen-PalFor 15 years I’ve been writing letters to Someone.
No, not just anyone, in fact…Someone, whose name I don’t know because my mother told me to write a letter to Someone the summer after my dad passed, so that’s exactly what I did. Dear Someone, I wrote, and I signed it sincerely, Me. In some ways, it was like writing a letter to Santa, but Santa’s replies were stock and bulk printed to apply to the typical general letter, and Someone’s replies changed each time. My mother photocopied all my letters before I sent them and collected them in a booklet as precious mementos. I collected my replies.
When I was 15, I asked my mom if she had been the one replying. Honestly, I said. I mean, who else would I be writing letters to? Someone, with no address. Yet somehow, the letter got places, and somehow one always returned with no address other than “Me.” I went through a phase of tests to get my mom to confess, a phase of disbelief, a phase
The Old Man and the StenchThis summer an acquaintance told me that an old man was looking for someone to help him write a book.
"He's an old university professor, and a bit quirky," he told me. "He'll only be around for a few months, because he needs to return to the university and he'll sell his apartment here, but until then he wants to get the book done."
So I decided to check out the job offer.
I met the old man at a bar. He wore a cowboy hat and a suit which made him look like someone who'd stumbled into town straight from the set of the Dallas series. I sat down with him and we started talking. Now, as I was speaking, my eyes wandered to his suit, where I happened to notice a green stain which seemed to be a grass stain. I averted my eyes to pretend it wasn't there, because who knew how the old man had gotten it - maybe he'd stumbled and fallen into the grass and now he was embarrassed about it.
Now, while averting my eyes, I saw other parts of his suit. A red stain, a yellow stain... Different colors, di

Don't fall in love with a poetDon’t fall in love with a poet
because we can find beauty in anything
and we won’t let it go;
I fell in love with a boy because I thought the crooked
line of his mouth was a mirror image of mine,
fell in love with him because his nails were square like
headstones and I wanted to bury myself in him.
Don’t fall in love with a poet
because we notice the minutiae in every face
and we orbit like strung out satellites;
I fell in love with a girl because when she cried her skin
blossomed like an over-ripe peach, and I wondered
if I would swallow the stone by accident when I kissed her.
Don’t fall in love with a poet
because we can’t let go of the quirks we collect.
we exist like mirrors, without an object we are a blank slate
and the one thing we can’t stand are blank spaces,
that’s why we fill pages with ink to cover the silence of
-our parents’ marriage, dissolving like salt in water, but still leaving a bitter taste acrid in your mouth;

Webcam... What Webcam?

Bring Back the Webcam by Owen-MarshBring Back the Webcam by Owen-MarshBring Back the Webcam by Owen-MarshBring Back the Webcam by Owen-MarshBring Back the Webcam by Owen-MarshBring Back the Webcam by Owen-MarshBring Back the Webcam by Owen-MarshBring Back the Webcam by Owen-MarshBring Back the Webcam by Owen-MarshBring Back the Webcam by Owen-MarshBring Back the Webcam by Owen-MarshBring Back the Webcam by Owen-MarshBring Back the Webcam by Owen-MarshBring Back the Webcam by Owen-MarshBring Back the Webcam by Owen-MarshBring Back the Webcam by Owen-MarshBring Back the Webcam by Owen-MarshBring Back the Webcam by Owen-MarshBring Back the Webcam by Owen-MarshBring Back the Webcam by Owen-MarshBring Back the Webcam by Owen-Marsh


A quick temporary change...

Tue Apr 28, 2015, 8:01 AM
  • Mood: Neutral
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  • Reading: Planned on looking at Henry Lawson...
  • Watching: My screen.
  • Playing: Played a classic pinball game earlier
  • Eating: Chocolate cream biscuits and milk... mmmm
  • Drinking: See above...

Copyright 2010 Journal Skin by Airamneleb

Bright and early morning to all my watchers and to everyone right around the world!

Unfortunately, I will have to delay giving feedback for this week by a couple of days owing to exam studies, assignments and other stuff going on with university. So if you're featured in my folder, expect a comment/critique from me sometime on Saturday or possibly Sunday, depending on time.

I shall see everyone then, and hopefully you'll find some kind of value in my words when I write them. :nod:

For now, peace!


EDIT (3rd May): I have a feeling I'm going to have to pull double duty next Thursday... By then, most assignments should be due in the immediate future and I'll have extra room to move. Apologies to all but it's crunch time in university... =p

The SupaNova Spectacle...

Sun Apr 12, 2015, 6:59 AM
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  • Watching: My screen.
  • Playing: Played Dungeon Defenders earlier...
  • Eating: Weet-Bix with milk, Tim Tams and chips
  • Drinking: Had milk earlier.

Copyright 2010 Journal Skin by Airamneleb

Greetings ladies and gentlemen, AussieDidge here with another round-up of what's making news, and tonight, I present to you a full-blown, rock-your-socks, SupaNova extravaganza, based on my personal experience attending for the first time at the Melbourne Showgrounds. So how did it all go? Both personally and event-wise, it went pretty damn awesome. :)

Fair warning to all those who come across this entry though, this is gonna be a long one, perhaps longer than I've ever written. So if you're one of those TL;DR types, you can kindly leave. I'm not gonna cut details just to please you impatient sorts. If you want to stick around, grab some drinks, snacks and whatever else, and buckle up.

We're gonna see some serious shit... :o

Although that wasn't to say the day began without a hitch either. I woke much earlier than planned, being too excited to sleep, and had some nervous gastric problems, but thankfully it settled down and we were on our way. Camera in hand, waters and other equipment at the ready, I headed out (taking my folks along the way) to the train station to catch the 9:41 off to Flinders Street, then onward to Southern Cross Station.

It was a pretty uneventful trip at first, but I knew we were headed in the right direction when I noticed some Attack on Titan cosplayers wandering around near the validators. From platform 9 we got to platform 8 (Which took much longer than you'd think) and boarded a special train bound for the Showgrounds, and it was there we were assaulted with a sea of colourful characters in one carriage.

In fact, we broke into a bit of conversation with a young lady, who was dressed as a squire from Dragon Age: Inquisition, complete with shield and replica battle armour. From there, we landed at the grounds and were able to get into line, which, considering the crowd levels, we got through in an impressive amount of time. From there, it was just about free reign as to what to do.

My parents were quick to grab some coffee, as I fiddled with my camera for a bit... Perhaps one confession I should make at this point was the fact I still had nerves, and it was quite overwhelming on the senses. It was perhaps half an hour in when I captured my first photo, my mum posing with Optimus Prime beside an exotic yellow-and-black limousine for hire called Bumblebee, appropriately enough.

That turned out to be an exhibition speciality, which soon led me to an exquisitely designed ute with Batman-themed decals all over the vehicle. The level of artwork was insane, and looked beautiful all over. It must've cost a fortune personally, but luckily, the guy providing it was sponsored, and would be taking it to events across Australia in the near-future. I snapped photos all around, took shots of the limousine, then met my first cosplayer.

I think we met while Optimus Prime did his thing, but I remember clearly that she was dressed as Harley Quinn by way of the Arkham City game. It seemed to have this punk vibe to it, and complete with a metal-like baseball bat and pinkish red hair, you knew this was one lady not to cross. I snapped a picture of her with her "new ride", and then it was off into the exhibition hall.

Admittedly, it felt easy to get lost in here, but eventually I settled on a 12pm session of the Australasian Wrestling Federation, which featured a couple of bouts that I snapped here and there. Some photos didn't turn out too great, and I really regretted the fact I couldn't snap a Spear that cleaved some poor bastard in half, but overall, it was pretty enjoyable. It was no WWE but then again, what is, and why should it be? =p

There was a Hulkbuster model on display that I snapped along with Iron Man together (makes one good optical illusion, I reckon) and then after some more exploring and a drinks break, I found myself back on the other side of the hall. One person who grabbed my attention was a classic Harley Quinn carrying a giant FREAKIN' mallet, who really nailed the look. Suffice to say, I was nervous asking her for a photo. ^^;

But she said yes, thankfully, and then I came across a top-notch Zelda from, well, do you really need to guess? Hyrule's Royal Highness looked wonderful in her outfit, and then after a couple snaps elsewhere in the hall, I came across a dead-on selection of DC and Marvel's finest, namely Batman and Batgirl. Their costumes were in one word, incredible, and they were certainly into their characters.

Which kinda felt like some strange contradiction... Riddle me this, but how did I NOT get my camera smashed to pieces by this guy who clearly was The Dark Knight, a man who a good few of us know is quite aggressive about getting his picture taken? :lol:

Speaking of them, I got into conversation with a guy named Larry, whose company was responsible for creating the moulds, costumes and other things that were part and parcel. I really regret not taking notes on the business, but hopefully I'll come across it soon.

Anyway, I snapped another shot of my mum with this strange robotic creature, and then met quite an elegant character from the anime Kill la Kill (first time for everything). She portrayed Satsuki, a main antagonist of the series, complete with deadly katana, regal dress and serious attitude.

After more photos with a mix of eastern and western characters, I eventually came across two ladies dressed as one of my favourites, Supergirl, and Artemis, a deadly archer. It took a lot from me to ask, but I did, they happily agreed, and it went almost without a hitch. By that I mean, as I was prepping focus Supergirl stuck her tongue out in fun and I happened to snap. Talk about perfect timing, and I think I could really spin that into something funny. :nod:

Photos of Wolverine, a genderbent Wonder Woman and others surfaced, but two more really caught my eye in the form of Odin from Final Fantasy 13, and I think a genderbent Sugata from the anime Star Driver. Though please, correct me if I am wrong once I put the shots up. =p

In fact, the guy who played Odin, AmenoKitarou, won a cosplay tournament for the work. And as for Empress Sugata, well I'll let the photo speak for itself. Needless to say, if she enters that in a competition, I sincerely hope to Hell she wins. :thumbsup:

More drinks, a bite to eat and before I knew it, the cosplay competition (speak of the devil) was on. Unfortunately I took some badly motion blurred shots at the beginning owing to slow shutter speed, but I learned and quickly nailed the rest, at least by comparison. There were several highlights of the competition and I couldn't capture them all, but safe to say, everyone deserves full credit for getting out there and performing.

For me, there were a troupe of people dressed as Robins (both Hood and comic) who performed a Men In Tights routine, Mortal Kombat by way of Disney (the worst photos, I'm afraid =(), two ladies who spent a combined 160+ hours on their costumes, soldiers carrying destructive, well-made weapons and especially a genderbent Joker who nailed the persona by quoting The Killing Joke (a part about memories) and laughing that sent chills up my spine. I didn't stick around to see the winners, but I really hope she did. :)

Oh and separately, I gotta give some props as well to the lady dressed as Black Swan... A+ for being unique and standing out in that crowd. :nod:

That was the end of the day, and the end of my attendance. Meanwhile, my parents sat in on seminars with the original Star Trek cast (Uhura, Sulu and Chekov, it turned out), saw a few exhibitions and generally enjoyed the atmosphere. By the end, our feet were killing us, we were exhausted, and I felt pretty sure we might've grabbed some sunburn, but we had a wonderful day.

To top it all off, we stopped off at Grill'd to enjoy a burger and some fries for dinner. Grabbing Mighty Melbournes (makes sense to me!) we tore into it, although we did make a fair mess in the end. Still, the burger went down beautifully, and one uneventful train ride later, we were home. It was 7pm I reckon, so it meant we spent a good 9 hours or so out of the house. I don't think we've ever done that before. =p

By the end of the day, as well as today I s'pose, the photos were on my computer, adjusted for glare and other stuff, and ready for sharing. Some won't turn out too great I'm afraid, but as a photographer, you live and learn. For starters, it certainly won't hurt to carry a small pile of Sticky Notes in your pocket, and also, just perhaps, I could consider advertising free photos with a sign on my head or something.

Personally, I'm a guy who'd rather that someone else make the first move, if only because I don't know what I'd really do, or what I'll say. That being said, a lot had changed for me on a personal level, and it's thanks to Supanova and the wonderful attendees that helped me feel at ease. I certainly reckon I'll head there next year. Speaking of conventions, I believe there's Armageddon 2015 at the same place sometime in October... May think about heading there too.

So much for wanting to make a name writing poetry, huh... :p

1,600 words? Good lord, that's a sermon if ever there was one! But there was no way I could skim on anything here... It was just fun for the most part, and that's even forgetting to mention all the stalls, shops and cafes to ogle just bursting with a fandom's dream or two. As a first-time attendee, let me give my thanks to the organisers for the event as well as all the attendees for being so damn super that day.

Unfortunately, it's back to reality starting from tomorrow, as university holidays are over and mid-semester exams begin to loom over our heads. *sigh*

But for now, this is AussieDidge wishing you well and hoping you've had a stellar weekend! :wave:


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Welcome to my World... by AussieDidgeWelcome to my World... by AussieDidge

G'day everybody! I bid you a warm welcome, and say thanks for stopping by my page! :wave:

The name's David Nicholas, and aside from being a random hobbyist artist and occasional critic, I'm currently studying a double degree in Accounting and Economics at La Trobe University. Other than that, strike up a conversation with me and perhaps you might learn more.

I like to express my thoughts and opinions on just about anything; artworks, stamps or literature to name a few areas, so if you see your work under my recent folder "To Comment On Later", just know that your work stood out to me out of the thousands upon thousands of works I find in my deviations folder. I'll try my best to be as fair and honest as possible about your work, through consistent, constant improvement.

Thanks once again for stopping by my page and I wish you a wonderful day everybody. Peace! :wave:

Feedback Love by Luishi17 [Stamp] Gratitude by Creepiest


It's feedback time! :D
Wed May 20, 2015, 5:17 PM
Apologies that I wasn't able to provide feedback this week, as my internet was down and studies got in the way. I'll certainly try to come back next week, and especially be more active during the holidays. In the meantime, peace!
Thu May 14, 2015, 5:17 AM
The feedback train is leaving the station! And I think it has to do double duty... =p
Wed May 6, 2015, 8:18 PM
All systems green light! The feedback train is leaving the station!
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Feedback Central systems are online! Let's get to work...
Wed Apr 15, 2015, 4:58 PM
Oh, for all those sending in favourites, just like to send a quick thank you to each and every one of you, but I'm afraid I have no time to thank you personally. I do appreciate the love though!
Mon Apr 13, 2015, 6:58 AM
It's Thursday! All aboard the feedback train! :)
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No problem! Expect a comment/critique from me as soon as possible. :)
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Thanks so much for adding my Anna to your collection!
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My pleasure, expect a comment/critique from me as soon as possible. :D
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